Your Father's Son Can Become Anything He Wishes

Your Father's Son Can Become Anything He Wishes


My Dad often tells me the story of his life. He told it to me again when I was trying to help a beggar and he stopped me. Dad believed that everyone should work and there was no such thing as ‘no jobs’. My grandfather was an accountant and when my dad reached senior year in high school, his father told him to start working because it was his age then! However, Dad wanted to study so he worked in evenings but continued his education. Dad chose to be a marketing manager and he worked several odd jobs to gain experience. Of course the family needed money, but Dad’s ulterior motive was just experience. Over the years his experience increased and he was the first in the family to become an officer! Now many years later, we own a house, many cars and we live lavishly. Dad came a long way and he believes that if he could do it so can everybody else.


If my father's son can become President of these United States, then your father's son can become anything he wishes.

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