You Have To Admit They Are Yours

You Have To Admit They Are Yours


One thing leads to another. I shifted to Karachi, Pakistan in 2006. A few months after we settled in, my son started school. There I met an old friend who had changed a lot over years. We went to school together but with time she had become very bitter! I got to know from someone else that she was quite rude and aloof because she was a single mother. I realized that life must be tough for her but I also wanted to tell her that everyone has issues…and those issues are like slippers! The sooner we realize that they are ours, we reconcile with a lot of things! If my friend could see whose life she is ruining, she would realize that the absence of a father for her child didn’t mean that she became bitter. She had to own her life and make the most of it!


I realized that my father's absence is our slippers. In order to start to get rid of your slippers, you have to admit they are yours, and if you do, then they will get rid of themselves.

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