Sit Yourself Down Anywhere

Sit Yourself Down Anywhere


I always noticed how Gina was better at English Language and writing stories than any of her older sisters. I asked her mother how she taught Gina to bring out the love of literature and writing in her. Gina’s mother told me that Gina was the fifth child and she never got any time to sit down with her and read her stories. So whenever Gina came with a book to her mom, she told her to read it on her own. This resulted in the little girl attempting to read books which were quite advanced for her age. Slowly but consistently it changed Gina’s understanding and made her develop writing skills! As Gina’s mom was telling me all this, I realized that reading is always beneficial for us, no matter how old we are or what we read!


Get books, sit yourself down anywhere, and go to reading them yourself.

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