You Have The Potential

You Have The Potential


I worked in the same office with Boyd and he was a good friend too. He often showed me pictures of his children and we talked about his family issues because he felt he could share it with me. I also told him about Paul, who had proposed to me two years ago and was still waiting for an answer. Boyd one day told me that he wanted to marry me because his relationship with his wife was getting worse. I was a little amazed and out of sheer astonishment I asked what will we do about his family. He told me that he would stay in touch with them but live with me. I cleared it out right away that I wasn’t interested in this and that I only asked what he had in mind because it was surprising how he could think of all this! That day, I said yes to Paul. It wasn’t because I felt uneasy about Boyd but because I couldn’t accept the idea of being the ‘other woman’ in Boyd’s story. Maybe Boyd’s proposal made me understand Paul’s sentiments better!


Never settle for being someone’s other when you have the potential of being someone’s only.

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