If Love Becomes Too Painful

If Love Becomes Too Painful


Sometimes we take some decisions which might look good but are harmful for us. I loved David with all my heart but after getting engaged I was devastated by his incessant following and stopping me from meeting my other male friends. I was a news reporter and many times I had to interact with members of the opposite sex not because I loved them but because we were colleagues! Call it a bad habit but I called all my colleagues my friends and even introduced a few to David as friends. He didn’t like this and asked me to stop talking to them. When I told him that wasn’t possible, he sent a resignation to my office on my behalf! I was not only embarrassed but also felt angry. He was going to be my husband but he couldn’t rule my life like this! I talked to him about it but he only got more aggressive and deleted all the numbers from my phone. I knew which number I had to delete now…I deleted his number forever!


If love becomes too painful, then it’s time to let that love go and save you. You have to keep this in mind because you’ll be able to find another love but not another self.

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