Life Is Too Short To Worry

Life Is Too Short To Worry


Whenever we visited my brother in London, he would give us money every day to go around and see the city. He was always busy with work and couldn’t miss a single day for us. He was much focused to earn more and save enough that if anyone in the family needed it he could do something. We loved his compromising nature but also felt bad that he had to give up a lot of himself. None of us expected him to do this but he insisted to work harder for all of us. Our parents were also concerned that in an endeavor to make tomorrow better for all of us he might spoil his own youth. After all he himself was young too and deserved to enjoy every day! When we were leaving for home, we left a three-day spa resort treatments for our brother to enjoy his weekend. This was just a small gesture but at least it could reinforce what we wanted to tell him…not to spend the present worrying about the future.


Life is too short to worry about the little things; enjoy what you have today not what you might get tomorrow.

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