Enjoy The Little Things In Life

Enjoy The Little Things In Life


Ali got a camcorder for me from France when he went with his friends. Since it was a new thing for me I used it all the time. I recorded all the evening teas we used to have as a ritual. My father had long ago told us that it was necessary for everyone in the family to be there for tea. I captured each of us well and even showed the recordings to everyone later. After a couple of years our father passed away and all of us were devastated. For a long time our house was run like a hostel since my mother did not come out of the shock and depression. One day, I was cleaning my cupboard and took out the camcorder. I played the recordings and the first few times I did this all of us wept and screamed like babies! However, now as we watch those old videos we smile. It is a pleasure to enjoy those tapes although at that time, we never thought that they will become our greatest memories.


Enjoy the little things in life, because one day you will look back and realize that they were the big things!

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