The best way to lose weight in a short time

The best way to lose weight in a short time The best way to lose weight in a short time The best way to lose weight in a short time The best way to lose weight in a short time

We know that diet supplements and exercise are good ways to increase the rate of weight loss but the real trick is to reduce calories! However, if you reduce your calorie intake to less than 1000, you may suffer from weakness, irritability and water loss. So what is the real deal with losing weight fast but ensuring that it is water only? Follow these small steps to ensure that you do not over exert yourself and achieve results.

Work out for short intervals many times a week

Instead of working out for an hour three times a week, it is better to work out for half an hour for six days a week. The reason for this is that your metabolism will increase and you will burn more calories on a daily basis. If you work out only three times a week, you will only be boosting calorie burn that day! What is even better is that you divide your daily half hour workout into twenty minutes of running or any other cardio exercise in the morning and another cardio in the evening. This will keep your metabolism in high gear throughout the day!

Eat in smaller portions

A 1000 or 1200 calorie diet can be broken down into 250 or 200 calorie meals four times a day. This means that you can have a light snack or some fruit and veggies without exceeding your calorie intake and remaining full for a longer time. We all know smaller meals many times a day is a better option but you can maintain the rule of carbohydrates before dark, or no fruit after seven at night. This helps you regularize your macro nutrition while dropping pounds every single day!

Water is a must!

Water consumption must be kept high in order to keep your digestive system in check while making sure your electrolytes are healthy. Water is another way to keep your food intake on the lower side. Many times we feel thirsty but feel as if its hunger and therefore we end up eating when we really don’t need it. What is better is that you take lemon water with a little salt. A pinch of salt is good enough to get your detoxification going. So whenever you feel you are hungry, drink a glass of water and you’ll be good for a few more hours!



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