Nature is a part of us!

Nature is a part of us! Nature is a part of us! Nature is a part of us! Nature is a part of us!

The first rain in summers, the silence of snowfall and the soft flakes that fall on the hand…the warmth that fills up the throat as you gulp down hot chocolate…all these joys are related to childhood. Does this stand true for our children as well?

Children nowadays are more involved in video games, social media and computers. They hardly have any interest in nature and the beauty of just running out in the open! Cyber life has taken over and I see that the biggest drawback of it is kids growing up a limited life. It is true that the Internet is a world of unlimited knowledge, great adventures and unimaginable exposure…but it is offered in the same chair! This makes it a handicap for children who must be out there, feeling the joys of nature near them. The old games like jump rope, catch the thief and hide and seek are becoming unknown while Need for Speed and war games are becoming the new play!

The best way to see a better generation is to limit video games and computer activities. Counting stars is still the best way to learn numbers and running in the field is still the best exercise! Let your children walk out of their rooms and give them opportunities to interact with nature. There is nothing more fulfilling for any individual. You will observe that they will become empathetic, kind and practical. This can be a valuable gift to this generation…and to the world!



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