12 Most Amazing Feelings That Will Make You Say YES! To Life

12 Most Amazing Feelings That Will Make You Say YES! To Life 12 Most Amazing Feelings That Will Make You Say YES! To Life 12 Most Amazing Feelings That Will Make You Say YES! To Life 12 Most Amazing Feelings That Will Make You Say YES! To Life

There are a lot of things we feel during a day. Some are good; others may be not-so-good. However, the things that make us come alive for even a second, are definitely worth repeating. This may vary with individuals but we have selected a few things that make a majority of people feel wonderful. Some of these things might have made you dance or they might have made you laugh out loud. All of us have our own ways of expressing happiness. Some might cheer themselves up with a good treat and some might want to celebrate by pampering themselves. Whatever your way of expressing happiness is, see which of these things have made you happy at least once!

Finding money in old clothes



I once found ?10 in my jeans pocket and all of that day I was on cloud nine! Losing money, even a dime is a sad thing but no matter how much money you find, it makes you feel wonderful! Have you ever found a bill in your old coats? Well, I think that even if you keep money there yourself and find it a year later, it brings back a smile.

When someone underestimates your age



Ok men you all need to admit; if someone says you look 25 when you are actually 30, you smile! Women obviously find more joy in this but even men are not far behind. All of us like to hear that we look good and less age is definitely a good side of it.

When you see an act of innocence from a child



A friend of mine recently posted on facebook that she went to a carnival at her niece’s school. My friend saw a clown there and there may be some older people who might find clown creepy, there was a little girl who called the clown “Maam”! This made my friend laugh and her post got a lot of likes too! This was because when you see children say or do things out of innocence, it is a true joy!


When you pray for something and it happens!



How many times has it happened that you wish for something in your heart and it happens instantly? Many times we wish for a quick serve at Star Bucks and as we walk in we notice one counter empty! Things as small as a green signal just as you drive closer to the intersection, a six on the dice when you play backgammon, a flower in a book…make you smile!

Getting into bed after a whole day on your feet



A cold and tough day can only end well with a relaxing bed. Just when you lie down and straighten your back, you feel a knot opening in your shoulders and that is a true pleasure!

A birthday wish at midnight



No matter how old we get, birthdays are a special day. It is always a nice feeling when someone takes out the time at an odd hour and calls you up to wish you a happy birthday at the stroke of midnight! And if there are multiple calls you receive, your day is made. I still remember my 25th birthday when I got a call at midnight and just during that call two more were waiting! What a great feeling it was!

Flowers at work



Have you ever received an unexpected present at a place least expected? My boss is a practical-looking, serious young man and his shy smile was a treat, when he received a bouquet of red roses on Valentine’s Day. If it made me smile just seeing him; imagine how happy he must be receiving it!

Seeing a dog do tricks with babies



The best place to witness this is parks. Every evening when people come to walk their dogs or their babies; watching the visitors interact with each other is amazing. Dogs so love kids that it makes your heart grow.

No matter how old you are, when a child gives you a toy phone, you pick it up!



Yeah you agree with it I know! Playing with kids is like unwinding after a whole day of worries. Children come up with the most innocent things and it is a joy to play along! My friend’s son has a toy phone which he uses to call his mommy whenever daddy isn’t listening to him! It’s really an adorable thing!


Completing your workout early in the morning



We all make resolutions about sticking to a healthy routine. Workout in the mornings…praying before bed; and the first time that you actually complete your goal of working out early in the morning, the whole day is bright! No, I’m not talking about how your metabolism works and keeps you active; I mean to stress upon the happiness of achieving the goal! You feel as if you have changed for the better and you have it all!


An extra scoop for free!



True happiness is when you get your favorite ice cream scoop for free. Any offer or a generous attendant at the dairy can be the messiah you need to cheer you up. What can be better than a free dessert!

When you are bored and your favorite movie is on TV!



Boredom is a curse at times. But what’s better than spending free time watching a good movie and relaxing on the couch. It’s pure luck if you catch your favorite flick at a time when you have nothing to do.

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