Best exercises to lose weight

Best exercises to lose weight Best exercises to lose weight Best exercises to lose weight Best exercises to lose weight

There is no simple way of losing weight and it does not mean that you are losing fat. Sometimes people lose weight in pounds but their body fat remains the same. How? This happens when your body loses the water but the fats remain.
Weight loss or fat loss occurs when you consume less energy than your body burns. This means tht in order to run the body systems, your body burns fat to release the energy and therefore your fat deposits break. Now, how do we make sure that our fat is being broken down and we are not merely losing water weight?


Half an hour of cardio every day

Exercise is the best way to ensure that your body is working hard and burning extra energy. It is recommended that every person does at least half an hour of some cardio exercise each day. This is not just to lose fat but to stay fit as well. Cardio exercises are exercises that increase your heart rate. If your heart rate is high, your metabolism will be higher. A higher metabolism, in turn, means you are using up energy. Once the energy that you derive from your daily intake of food is exhausted, the fat deposits are targeted by the brain!
Cardio exercises include walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, skipping rope, dancing and aerobics. Aerobic means any form of exercise which makes you use oxygen…high breath rate. Cardio exercises can make you lose up to 700 calories per hour. Yes! Swimming for an hour makes you burn around 700 calories per hour. However, low intensity cardio such as walking can also help lose around 250 calories per hour.


Walking is the best way to go

The reason I say this is that we can walk anywhere and everywhere! Even if you do not have the time to go to the park or you cannot pay for a treadmill, you can walk on the street outside or in the parking area in your apartment building. This exercise can help you lose weight fast as it is an exercise that you might never be able to have an excuse for.
Jogging is therapeutic
Every morning, jogging invigorates your body and makes you glow. It is just the right kind of pumping your heart needs in order to remain healthy and make you look beautiful. Heart rate accelerates faster while jogging than walking and this way, it makes your skin and hair get additional oxygen which adds to their health!


Swimming: the ultimate fat buster

Swimming is a difficult yet easy exercise. The reason I say it is difficult is that it is not possible for a beginner or a moderate swimmer to continuously swim for half an hour or one hour. This makes your calculation of burnt calories often wrong. And the reason I say it is easy is that even if you don’t swim for half hour straight, you lose more weight than half hour of jogging…and that too without feeling your body weight or sweating!
Choosing the right exercise is not a generalized thing…every individual will have to determine the exercise that suits them best. People who weight a lot more might not be able to jog or run but can swim because water buoys them up and doesn’t let excess weight hinder the exercise.



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